True Series

Tools for musicians


True Beat is an accurate metronome with many useful features, yet easy to use. The consistent and intuitive user interface minimizes the time needed to explore the app and instantly integrates into your instrument practice routine.



True Pitch is a tool to quickly and very accurately tune any instrument. True Pitch’s consistent and intuitive user interface lets you tune your instrument without spending time exploring the app.



True Strings is a tool for fast and accurate tuning of any string instrument.

If you play a guitar, mandolin, violin instrument, or any of the instruments that come in the preset library – you should be able to have your instrument tuned perfectly within minutes.

If you play an unusual string instrument, use the tuning editor to tailor your own tuning to fit your instrument and save it to the library for future use. The tuning editor imposes no limits on the number of strings and temperament used for the scale.



True Tone plays any tone defined by a temperament. True Tone is useful in tuning instruments, or improving intonation of your instrument. The operation is simple, just swipe your finger to select a tone and press the fork symbol and instantly you will hear a continuous tone sounding.



Interval ear training for all musicians. Learn to recognize the most common intervals like octaves, seconds, major and minor thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and tritones. Not only using Equal Temperament, but using any temperament in any key. Especially useful, but not limited to, Violin instruments and human voice training.

Coming soon to the App Store.